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Using protoconf exec

It's very likely that your infra relies on many components which does not have native protoconf integration. You can still use protoconf to code their config and use some wrappers around the process you are running in order to write and reload the config. protoconf exec aims to be a general purpose way to do so (still WIP and many features are not implemented)

Import the exec config to your workspace

$ mkdir -p src/exec
curl -Lo src/exec/exec_config.proto

Create a dummy proto and config

// file: ./src/myservice/myconfig.proto
syntax = "proto3";
message MyConfig {
  string name = 1;
  uint32 timeout = 2;
file: ./src/myservice/myconfig.pconf
load("myconfig.proto", "MyConfig")

config = MyConfig(name="test", timeout=3)

def main():
    return config

Create an exec config

Generates tf.json files under ./tfconfigs

configs = [

def main():
    return Config(
                    Action(file=ActionTypeWriteToFile(path="tfconfigs/%s.json" % path))
            for path in configs